Argentina: Woman Claims Finding ET in Gualeguay 48 Years Ago - Inexplicata

Evaluating a paranormal narrative naturally is constrained by issues surrounding the story itself, and we have a couple of doozies here. This first offering recounts a woman's haunting memories of a 1968 encounter as a five-year-old with a sad-looking, 20-centimeter entity. Hopefully efforts will be made to contact the two others who figure in this strange and rather poignant account. Back into the TARDIS for a journey to the U.S. and just a year prior, as John Keel tries to make sense of a tale about a surpassingly strange thief in Special Cases: The Long Island File (7): Agar Steals Rags. Is Keel's source, local Long Island radio personality Jaye P. Paro, hoaxing him? For what purpose? And with such a nonsensical story? One can almost imagine Keel's head spinning on its axis. It's somewhat of a relief to come to Utah Witness Takes Multiple Photos of Disc UFO. Five cellphone images taken after a Salt Lake City sunset at maximum zoom, but they do seem to show something. Finally, we have REVEALED: UFO Hunters' Secret US-funded the Heart of London's Soho, which speculates upon just what is happening at the 7 Soho Square remnants of the old British UFO program. Don't be misled by the lead picture, which is most likely not of the "US Colonel who visits regularly from Washington"! (WM)

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