Are Aliens Talking To Us? - NPR

Hot on the heels of the announcement, and debunking, of the RATAN-600 signal, Marcelo Gleiser acquaints himself with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Fairly nuts-and-bolts, entry-level stuff without reflecting on contextualizing humans with potential intelligent aliens nor our hubris that aliens oughta be talking to us if they are intelligent. C'mon, there are many "intelligent" people on reddit but I don't interact with them because they're assholes. If aliens think we're assholes, would that precipitate an existential crisis? Maybe humanity needs a shot in the arm, a different perspective, and vice versa. But Where Are All The Aliens for that cultural intervention? Two minutes with Jason Lederman, David Brin, and NASA's director Jason Crusan only whet our appetite for a bigger discussion on the inevitable. (CS)

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