Abduction The Lost Life of a Tortured Man - Chris Holly

Abductions are not always the uplifting events that many seem to think they are, reminds Chris Holly. And the earthly repercussions may only continue the fear, pain, and confusion, as illustrated in the dark story she relates. "When it comes to the unknown in the area of abduction we humans fall on our faces and only further abuse those enduring these events" Holly contends. Perhaps it also powerfully matters who does the abducting; Inexplicata interviews Spanish ufologist Juan Jose Benitez, who claims more than 2000 types of UFO beings in his files: "If the Military Admitted the Existence of UFOs, Their Scam Would collapse". Based upon the interview, Benitez' book Solo Para Tus Ojos, which surveys his top 300 interesting cases, sounds intriguing. Soon after the recent loss of Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket, Tesla Promises To Protect Its Vehicles from UFOs). Musk has a system that will guarantee Model S and Model X Tesla cars can avoid hitting flying saucers that may chance to land on the road in front of them. Yup, it's actually in a September 11 Tesla Team release. Then in Mexico: UFOs Appearing During Earthquakes tries to correlate the two phenomena, although the two specific instances given are not very persuasive. There's an interesting case from the Pacific Northwest in Washington Witness Describes UFO with Fins. The witness doubts this was a "stealth-type" plane due to the "bat-like points" on the ends of its wings, and the black unknown seemed to be trolling an even more unidentifiable object behind itself. This sounds to us like exotic hardware, but from a human drawing board. (WM)

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