A Shift in the Weather - Herald Tribune

In what must be considered a "gut punch" to American ufology, veteran reporter Billy Cox says he is stepping away from the flying saucers beat due to a job change at his newspaper. Cox's farewell address should be read and reflected upon, as it touches upon issues even larger than why UFOs are not seriously reported in the mainstream press. His exiting the fray truly leaves a void in efforts to convince news media to put out responsible UFO information. While we're on media matters, Kevin Randle has some indigestion over the exclusions and inclusions in MUFON's 100 Top UFO Books. List creator John Schuessler could be asked about his criteria in drawing up this catalogue, which is heavy on early contactee books and contains nothing more recent than 1982. Maybe John's including things that most contributed to his ufological formation, but good cases can be made for certain more recent works. Randle's perspicacious readers have noted that books 7 and 57 are the same tome, so the list is actually one discrete work shy of the 85 slots that are currently filled. The MUFON people will be happy for nominations to complete the roster; may we suggest UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry? Elsewhere, the Talk of [a] New Documentary on Billy Meier's UFOs and Prophesies has me thinking deja vu all over again. Meier's American media spokesperson has floated a rumor that Michael Moore may make "an in-depth film on the controversial case." Mysterious Universe sees through the smoke on this claim, but allows that the Meier story is a fascinating, convoluted, controversial saga. (WM)

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