A 1716 Illustration of a UFO? - UFO Conjecture(s)

We have more than a passing interest in the subject of "Ancient Astronauts." Perhaps in this particular case, we should use the term "Enlightenment Astronauts". For here is a fascinating woodcut image of something that looks to be a good rendering of a flying UFO. However, one commenter gives a more likely interpretation, supported by the words inside the illustration. Another response instances a similar object on an older French jeton, and doing a little more research seems to confirm the "shield" identification. Fast forward to the present and a Cylinder UFO Videotaped over Small New York Town. The audio conveys some of the emotions that can arise when people are yanked out of their common existence by what seems a novel sight. In spite of the videographer's speculation, we wouldn't be surprised were the apparition to turn out to be some sort of unusual blimp. And lastly, Turning the Field Over to the Youngsters has Kevin Randle and commenters musing on the generally poor state of ufology and whether "generation gaps" really mean anything in the discussion. Kevin is surely correct that too little solid research is being done these days, somewhat owing we think to the very velocity of the Internet and its attendant emphasis on "being there first with the most". The exchange is worth your consideration. (WM)

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