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Our story as humans continues to reveal itself as more complex than science could ever have imagined. This somewhat lengthy article goes on to describe 10 enigmatic populations on our planet whose genetic foundations unseat our various versions of what constitutes homo sapiens. And as this myth is dispelled, we move onto yet another scientific fiction. Cold Fusion is Back, and it's showing great promise, in spite of its past sullied reputation. Sometimes we're just too quick to dismiss the usefulness of new concepts. And while sometimes we ignore innovative theories, at other times we make up the truth as it suits the story we're telling. The Best Speech Never Given: Phantom of the Continental Congress. Who was that solemn pale stranger in the dark cloak, the one who gave an impassioned speech that inspired all the signatories of what is now known as the Declaration of Independence? Considering that none of the back story of this tale matches any recorded truth, why do we care? And how did we create such a detailed fiction that evaded official documentation in 1776 Philadelphia? (CM)

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