Where's Wessie? - Down East

There's somethin' strange, in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Loren Coleman! Jaed Coffin tagged along with the Godfather of Cryptozoology in search of Maine's newest cryptid, and learning how the study of hidden animals isn't all woo-woo. Wessie's a big deal in Maine, but an everyday headache for Florida men and women familiar with Everglades Pythons Consume Deer, Alligators, And Other Large Species. Count your lucky stars, as Brett Puryear notes we're not on the menu. Yet. We're wondering if Loren's planning a road trip to the Green Mountain State anytime soon, as the local Police 'Regret' Making A Facebook Post About Possible Monkey Sighting In Vermont on Tuesday. Whether Bigfoot, or an escaped exotic pet, it's best to steer clear of the area. What's harder to dismiss is the question, "What Was That Mysterious Massive Bird Seen Over Southern Alaska?" Skeptical Micah Hanks takes a flight of fancy, wondering if the unusual suspect might be a living fossil, a very large Stellar's Sea Eagle, or an entirely new species. (CS)

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