What is the Mysterious “Nooscope�? Let’s Ask Putin’s New Chief of Staff - Mysterious Universe

Anton Vaino, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new chief of staff, talks about a device called a "nooscope," which can "tap into global consciousness and 'detect and register changes in the biosphere and in human activity’.� Hmmm. Sounds to us a lot like the "eggs," i.e. random number generators, used in Roger Nelson's Global Consciousness Project in which "the behavior of our network of random sources is correlated with interconnected human consciousness on a global scale." And speaking of being interconnected, Dr. Beach finds some curious parallels between the novel The Stand and the eponymous story in the Robert Schneck book The Bye Bye Man: Stephen King and the Source of Bye Bye Man? He's not suggesting that the three kids in the Bye Bye Man conceited the story, only that "their subconscious minds drew on their own private myths and experiences and readings." (PH)

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