Video Discusses Alaskan Pyramids and the Alaskan Triangle - Mysterious Universe

There has recently been a resurgence of interest in Alaska as a hotbed of paranormal, or at least unexplained, activity. Pyramids above and below ground, planes vanishing, and explorers disappearing have added to the mystery of the area. Whether you believe the pyramids are man-made structures or geologic phenomena, aka Mountains, the seeming evaporation of 53,000 people since 1988 gives credence to talk of an Alaskan Triangle. Time to move south, way south, where The Search for the Mysterious Round Island that Moves continues. In fact, the Argentine movie producer who first learned of the island's existence has put his movie career on hold and started a crowd funding project to put together an exploration team.  Apparently the land mass moves on its own axis, giving the appearance of a pupil moving within the iris, hence being named The Eye. And while that name is very much to the point, we think you'll find the title Volcanic Damnation particularly suiting as well. Over the past several hundred years there have been many reports of volcanic activity, with mountains exploding and decimating the surrounding populations. In the 16th and 17th centuries it was commonly believed that the bubbling pits of magma were doorways to hell, or at the very least, purgatory. Since no one has been swallowed up by a volcano and lived to talk about it later, we can neither confirm nor deny this theory. (CM)

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