Some Paranormal Experts Say Rare 737 Engine Blowout Due to UFO Encounter - Santa Monica Observer

We'd like to start by saying that Southwest Airlines needs to check their navigation charts to avoid even thinking of flying near the Bermuda Triangle in the future. Neither the engine fire that required flight 3472 to make an emergency landing in New Orleans, nor the means by which the Boeing 747 avoided a crash landing, nor 4 minutes of reportedly missing time have been accounted for. Did we mention some passengers had posted on social media prior to the fire that they could see strange lights in theƂ sky? It's more than a century old question: Dirigible or Celestial Visitant? County Donegal fishermen in 1910 only knew it was massive, glided over water and land, and made one heck of a noise. Moving about 10 miles inland before disappearing, the torpedo boat shaped anomaly tore up the countryside, making a noise described as hailstones, or a waterfall. Authorities were quick to dismiss it as a dirigible that had been lost at sea, but the fishing population would have none of it. We wonder what the experts will have to say on Researchers Announce Discovery of a Signal Coming from a Star in Hercules. The signal is strong, and depending on its point of origin may be indicative of some sort of civilization 100 light years or so from Earth. Follow up SETI observations are required before any type of conclusion can be drawn. And rest reassured, Seth Shostak is on the case: A SETI Signal? (CM)

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