New Mexico Witness Wonders if UFO Responded to LED Lights - Open Minds

Earlier this summer two witnesses were stargazing about 40 miles outside Roswell. Seeing a light flash that neither could identify, they opted to have a little investigative fun and flashed the lights of the their truck in the direction of the flare. After receiving what could be interpreted as brief responses, the men called it a night and headed back, but not before experiencing EMF troubles with their vehicle after being passed by a dark pick-up truck that parked a quarter mile away. Were these witnesses on to something but interrupted before learning something they shouldn't? Also in the US, a Blimp-like UFO videotaped over Kansas. Unlike in Mew Mexico, there were no strange goings on other than what was in the sky. Kansas MUFON is investigating. Further afield, in Spain: CIA Document Discloses Possible UFO Sighting in Barcelona. Dating back to the 1950s, the interest of the CIA seemed to garner more attention than the actual object in the sky. To date no classified photo of the object has been released. Doesn't matter, we know The truth is out there! Top 9 UFO sightings in Lincolnshire. Seems like a busy place to us, and well worth a visit. Even the air force corroborates the sightings. (CM)

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