Mystery of the Loltun Cave Hermit: Historical Account of an Ageless, Psychic Mayan Priest - Week in Weird

Pop Quiz: Which is stranger? 1. Taking a team of explorers and going splunking deep in the Yucatan Jungle, bemoaning your fate when you finally get lost, OR 2.  Encountering a thousand-year-old blind Mayan psychic who lives in the caves and leads you out of the caverns in only moments? Weird or not, the old man saved the lives of the research group, and who is to say whether his prior vision of these men needing his help was real or not? We know that Parapsychology and the Study of the Mind: Changing the Historical Record. In spite of past poo-poohing by psychologists and scientists alike, paraspsychology is now viewed as a complementary science, enhancing work with the subconscious mind. We think the researchers would be hard pressed to conclude otherwise, Considering Evidence for the 'Supernormal': The Case of 'Patience Worth'. An intriguing analysis of the online edition of The Case of Patience Worth: A Critical Study of Certain Unusual Phenomena, this blog post outlines how the channel moved away from using the Ouija Board to translating clear mental pictures and creating poetry. This turned psychological theory on its head as it became obvious that what was being channeled came from a higher consciousness. (CM)

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