John Keel and the Victorian Loch Ness Monster - Loch Ness Mystery

Diving deeper into the pool of Nessie reports, Glasgow Boy discovers John Keel's reports of a sighting on Loch Ness were incorrect and based on an earlier more general report about sea monsters. Seems like an easy mistake to make if you ask us. Next we look at Medieval Marvels: Italian Dragonets . Dr. Beachcombing provides details about what medieval Tuscans believed were winged snakes capable of sickening an entire population on the ground below. We are left to ponder what creature it was that these peoples viewed as causing their epidemics. To cap off these posts about monsters large and small, David Weatherlyl brings you BEKs at the Door. This particular story leaves more unanswered questions about the Black Eyed Kids, such as why were they using the doorbell, why was there an additional BEB in the group, and why did the BEG do all the talking? The phenomenon continues to morph. (CM)

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