Dr. John Brandenburg – Plasma Physicist Gives Inside Look At Outsourced UFO Research - Skeptiko

Alex Tsakiris interviews Gordon White who interviews John Brandenburg, though not so much on UFO research per se. But they all agree about what the government does when it wants to research a subject that's too hot to handle: It "outsources the work," by indirectly encouraging others to do the work for them. But make sure they have an achilles heel in case the need for deniability arises. Which is all very interesting. But listen on to get the story from this government-employed physicist who realizes that the distribution of specific isotopes found on the planet Mars can be nothing other than evidence of a massive airborne nuclear explosion...which he suggests wiped out whatever civilization existed on Mars at the time. Is this all just disinformation? If not, why isn't this better known? What does this say about human knowledge? What if you were to look back on today from the vantage point of a distant future to ask: What if we're wrong about many of the thing we think we know today? That's the subject of Chuck Klosterman’s new book: But What If We’re Wrong? (PH)

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