Did Rowan Blanchard Accidentally Photograph A UFO? - MTV

We sincerely doubt it, Stacey Grant. We're pretty familiar with the whole "light reflection in the window" game. Here's hoping Rowan's stunt gets her a role in the next hot paranormal property! Had she gone to the press with "Aliens Cost Me My Boyfriend And Kids, we might be a little more forgiving. Instead Rosalind Reynolds dishes all the details of her abduction and missing time to Jon Austin. A little less harrowing is Tim Carl's own UFO Encounter, but leaves us hanging as to what happened next. Tim, be a bro and spill more beans! His encounter might've been magnified by first-run episodes of In Search Of..., another Seventies staple.  According to Steve Hammons the 'Close Encounters' Wyoming Landing Zone May Hold Lessons For Us Today. Should we experience first contact, let's cross our fingers these visitors will be kinder to us than our pioneers were to Native Americans. (CS)

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