Hillbilly Horror Show #2 | Full Horror Movie

Come join our fun loving, beer-guzzling, hillbilly hosts, Bo & Cephus,

along with their SMOKIN' hot kissin' cousin, Lulu, as they showcase award-winning horror short films from around the globe!

ROSE WHITE- Directed by Daniel Kuhlman

Through Lilly's eyes, the world is a dark but beautiful place, where she and her sister, Rosalyn, live happily in the heart of a deep forest. In reality, however, each day is a battle for Rosalyn, who has been forced to take up prostitution in order to provide for herself and her delusional sister and simply pay the rent for their inner-city, tenement apartment. An odd twist of fate brings an unlikely ally into their lives, in the form of a local drug addict. Together, they form a plot against a vicious crime boss; a plan that will either lead to their salvation or their doom.

BLOODTRAFFICK- Directed by Jennifer Thym

n a world torn by a war between vampires and angels, a female vigilante on the hunt for her missing sisters is lured into the den of a vampire.

HELP WANTED- Directed by Waylon Bacon

A young man is applying for his first post-college job at a large warehouse, where men are sent out every night to kill the homeless, minorities, hookers, and other such "undesirable types." All the employees self medicate with anti-psychotics to help them deal with the ghosts of their victims who haunt them. The hours are miserable...but health insurance is supplied.