CERN: Scientists' Warnings, Demonic Spirits & Mysterious Deaths.

CERN: Scientists' Warnings, Blowing up Earth, Demonic Spirits, Black Matter, Paranormal Portals, and Mysterious Deaths of CERN Scientists.

Both Stephen Hawking and Neil Degrasse Tyson warn of the CERN energy possibility of Exploding our Planet Earth and the Solar System, along with part of the Universe.
The recent reactivation of CERN with even greater energy levels has resulted in " Images" of demonic entities as seen in the link 10 below.
1) Protons set to collide at 13 TeV to prepare for physics, CERN
2) Mysterious Deaths Linked to CERN, May 9, 2015.
3)2 LSU student deaths in swimming Pool,
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5) CERN To Attempt ‘Big Bang’ In March, Stephen Hawking Issues Warning.
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8) Neil Degrasse Tyson Images Public Domain. (Thumbnail image)
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10) This Is Huge CERN Is Bringing In Demons Proof In Pictures. (Images are seen in the black & white images)