Extreme Haunted Houses that Take it Too Far

"Extreme" haunted house attractions are the ones that go above and beyond just typical human jumpscares. Extreme attractions make it more personal and horrifying: if you encounter an actor in an ordinary attraction, you keep walking after they scare you. But in these attractions, if you encounter an actor, they don't just go "AHHHH" and then let you go; they grab you and "play around" with you for a little.
"Play around"?
Oh, that could just mean getting shoved, getting spat on, being picked up/thrown, being forced to eat or drink something, being tied and restrained, having your head submerged in water, having spiders crawl over your face, and stuff like that.

Some of these attractions are very extreme, much more so than others, but all of them attract only those who are aware of what they're getting themselves into, and this video is not harming any reputation of any of these attractions, as this is what they want to be known for, and this is what attracts so many people. Wow that was the definition of a run-on sentence.

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