Jenny,is a sixteen-year-old American girl, lives in New York, she was born in Italy but at 2 years, when her mother died, she moved to the US to go living with her grandma.
She came to Italy to visit his father, a former surgeon and scholar of the ancient Etruscans, who is living in Tuscany since 20 years. It 's the first time that Jenny comes back, she wants to visit all the places told by his father, in particular the Lake of the Idols, a remarkable archaeological site on which bottom have been found numerous Etruscan statuettes in bronze dating back more 3000 years ago. A large number of these seems to represent human figures or equal human organs or anatomical thrown into the lake during mysterious rituals.
But, neglected by his father engaged in his work, Jenny comes into contact with some children placed in a foster home. Jenny becomes their friend and spend time with them. One evening, the children decide to take Jenny to the lake, here, in a magical atmosphere, Jenny assists at the appearance of the souls of three Etruscans children.
The souls ask her to recover three bronze statues stolen from the lake long ago. Jenny realizes that his father has the statuettes kept in his studio, always locked.
Jenny penetrate her father's study and recover the remains only to discover the terrible secret kept there ...

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