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This episode turned out to be our most active yet where we capture orbs, evps, and other very strange activity.

It is documented that a man staying at the Crown Hotel in the early 60's was walking back to his guest room and witnessed the door of his room rattling violently. Once it had stopped he went into the room to find no-one there. This happened again on the second visit and staying in the same room the door rattled and when it stopped this time the door handle turned and the door opened, no-one was there but suddenly he felt an icy cold presence and saw a bright blue light come from the room and go down the hall only to go through the wall where it disappeared into the courtyard outside. After seeing this he was horrified. But once again returned to the crown hotel to stay in the same room out of his own curiosity. That night he made a test by locking the door and waiting to see if anything happened, and it did, the key turned by its self and the door opened revealing once again a blue light which this time he followed outside and saw it emerge from the wall and into the courtyard where it suddenly disappeared. 

Troubled Spirits 
More accounts of ghosts from The Crown Hotel. Twins born in the late 17th century were kept chained in an upstairs room becouse they were deformed, It is also rumoured that when they died they were buried under the floor which is now the larder area of the crown. The sound of children playing in the courtyard has been heard at times when there is no one there, While the ghost of a young girl in a nightdress leaning on a banister has been seen in the early hours of the morning. One guest had to be given a double brandy after talking to a man in the bathroom who disapeared!. Hauntings at the crown continue, although it is not certain they relate directly to the legend of the twins. Electrical items fail for no aparent reason and a distorted voice threatening death to those listening has been recorded inadvertently on a tape recorder.