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Latest Paranormal Experiences

Paranormal Times by Amiya

I lived in an apartment with my brother, mom, and dad. We have a basement and attic. Me and my brother were in the attic watching TV and laying on the mattress. My mom was at work and my dad was playing 2k13 downstairs in the living room. As me and my brother were watching TV, we heard children ...

You Are My Sunshine by KittykatSpade

So when I was about 9 or 10, on and around there, we lived in this house. We, as in me, my 2 brothers and my mom and dad. I used to wake up in the early am before it was even daylight out, and every time I woke up there would be this little girl sitting at my night stand. She looked to be about ...

Very Freaked Out, Need Advice by Theres_People_Everywhere

This month I decided it would be fun to occupy my time by volunteering at a haunted house. I have had a very fun time doing so, as I am an actor, and I have been doing this all month. When I first started working, other workers kept telling stories of how they believed that this haunted house wa...

A Danger When Driving At 75 Mph by fetterska81

While living in Metro-Detroit and dating a man, I found out who my guardian spirit is and this is about an experience I had when driving with said guardian spirit. I have only had about 3 to 4 or so total experiences with him, mostly of him being angry with me because of my finding his grave sto...

The Big Blue Orb by Indie101

As a small child I would normally be left in the care of my elder brother while my parents went out on a Friday night. My brother was 16 at this time and always had friends over, not just one specific type either, the goth, nerd, prep and a few chavs. At the time I was 5 or 6 but this specific m...

The Old Lady At The Gate by Indie101

Just a quick sum up - this story has been told to me on a few occasions by my grandmother and it's her story. This does mean I know the story well and won't miss out on anything. As a young girl my grandmother lived about a mile away from her school in a small town in East Anglia with her grandmo...

The Child Who Follows Me by AngelofDarkness13

It's me, AngelofDarkness13, again and I will start of with thanking all of you for your really sweet comments. It really helped me a lot. This time is a bit different from my last story. It started a couple of years ago (around 3 to 4) and has kept bocking me a bit. I began hearing a childish lau...

Kindness Turned To Angel by zimmygirl

Back in 2009 my boyfriend at the time got sent to a work house in Anoka County, Minnesota. He had been there before and stayed for a long period of time, so the guards got use to me being around a lot. Once in awhile they would let me stay the night if I promised not make a lot of noise or become a ...

Stationary Ghost Or Am I Seeing Things? by Lemon_Sack-1

This is my first post on this site and there will be plenty more to follow as I have had many different experiences. Ever since I had my first experience at my grandparents' house (which I will explain in the future) I have been interested in the paranormal and everything involved with it. Although ...

Lifesaver? by cardoso2127

I'm not one to really believe in ghosts but there were a few unexplained experiences that I had in the house I grew up in that I can't put a finger on. When I was about 10-12 years old, I needed to climb a pile of clutter that reached the ceiling in our garage. I started by climbing on top of my ...

When Jerry Attacks by luckygirl8387

I believe in God. I believe there is a heaven and hell. I thought because I believed in God and prayed every day that nothing could ever enter my home. Little did I know... A little about my house first, the house we live in is my husband's great-grandmother's and has been in his family since 194...

Night Terrors And Demons by AmyDickinsonCampbell

Got a question for those out there in paranormal land. On Sunday night, 10/27/2013, my youngest daughter woke up in a fit, crying from a bad dream. My oldest daughter said, rather plainly, "She had a bad dream from a demon attack." When I asked why my oldest daughter would make her think or s...

The Premonition Of Death Encounter With The Devil by MissJoy

Let me start by saying I'm new to this site, and to posting of any kind on the web, really. I found this page ironically by searching for info on "the true tooth fairy tale", and only after reading several posts did I decide to share my experiences. Although I haven't seen a ghost, per say, I've had...

Strange Chanting From The Light House by LoveParanormal

This is my third story on this site. I have experienced this kind of strange phenomenon long back in 2004 when I was out for morning walk with my maternal grandpa at around 4:00am-4:30am. I would firstly like to tell about the area where my grandpa resided. The area was actually industrial and ve...

Unexpected Figure At The Table by Arwen1957

Some background on what I am about to tell you. I work in a midsized nursing home in Northeast Illinois. The nursing home was built in the 1950's and has always been used as a nursing home. It is in a commercial zone in the city it is in. Before the area was commercial it was fallow farmland for yea...

The Ghosts In The Houses by nimzaye

My grandparents ran a newsagents shop. One Sunday afternoon after they had closed the shop they got ready to go out. My grandad was upstairs setting the video to record when all the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, and he turned around and stood in the doorway was a man with a long black coat...

Black Hooded Woman by liezelleroux

When I was about 20 years old, I went with my boyfriend to his family farm house in Piketberg. It was a very old farm house. They once found an old painting in the attic worth R100 000. One night when I went to bed, I asked my boyfriend to leave on the computer's screensaver for me so it wouldn'...

Half A Ghost by nima

This here is a story from not too long ago, it's been little less than a year. Before getting into the story I would like to fill in a few details which may give you a better picture but English is not my mother tongue so am sorry if I fail to describe some things properly. I am originally from D...

Is This The Beginning Of Astral Projection? by Lesleighra

I have been experiencing strange happenings lately. But most of all, I am concerned with this particular subject. I work shift work so my sleep schedule is completely messed up. I basically sleep when I can. Sometimes, however, it can take me a while to fall asleep. I am sure everyone has had in...

Unknown Entities by JudgeMeNot

It's a bit hard for me to admit being in trouble by something that I have no idea how to deal with haha. But I've been seeing multiple black silhouettes, some big some small, in an abandoned house down my street that I've played in alone a lot when I was small. I've recently just moved back from yea...

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