Ghost Buster Gals

Ronnie Rennae Foster, also known as Angel Girl, has been involved in the world of metaphysics and spirituality for over 30 years. She has a B.A. in Psychology and her certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. For the past 15 years, Ronnie has been the President of the Spokane Chapter of The Twilight Brigade/Compassion In Action, Dannion Brinkley's hospice volunteer organization that serves the dying. She is now a National Trainer. Receiving her insights and inspiration from the Angelic Realm, Ronnie is a teacher, empath, intuitive counselor, medium, and a professional, international Ghost Buster.

Ghost Buster

Laura Lee Mistycah, AKA Witchy Woman, is a solitary practitioner in Wicca, as well as other magickal and spiritual methods, but has recently morphed into more of a futuristic sorceress in her efforts to outwit the Dark Lords who hijacked this planet. By developing her own magick rituals and tools she is able to reverse spells, curses, black magick and voodoo and is skilled in clearing all types of psychic, organic and metallic implants using "Aulmauracite" (All-mor-a-cite), the stone of Truth and Justice. Laura Lee has been a professional Ghost Buster with her partner Ronnie for over a decade and is the author and publisher of three books and the creator of three websites.