Stephen King's The Stand: "The Dreams" [1994] FULL

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The Second Part of The Stand by Stephen King. Reuploaded because of sound problems

As their journeys begin, Lloyd Henreid is freed from prison by Randall Flagg in exchange for becoming Flagg's second in command. Trashcan Man, who is a pyromaniac, destroys a set of fuel tanks outside of Des Moines, Iowa hoping to find acceptance with Randall Flagg. Larry Underwood escapes New York and meets a mysterious woman Nadine Cross (Laura San Giacomo). Despite their mutual attraction, Nadine is unable to consummate a relationship with Larry, because of her visions of Randall Flagg, who commands her to join him as his concubine. Eventually she leaves Larry to travel on her own. Stu escapes from the CDC facility and soon gathers a group around him including retired professor Glen Bateman (Ray Walston), Frannie Goldsmith, and Harold Lauder (Corin Nemec) a hometown acquaintance of Frannie's who also survived the superflu. Harold grows increasingly frustrated at the way that Stu assumes a leadership role and at Stu's growing romance with Frannie, on whom Harold has a crush. Meanwhile, Nick Andros, makes his way across the midwest, eventually joined by Tom Cullen (Bill Fagerbakke) a gentle mentally challenged man.

Eventually, Stu's group reaches Mother Abagail's farm in Hemingford Home, Nebraska. She tells them of a great conflict that will soon be coming and that they must all travel on to Boulder, Colorado. There, the various survivors, including Nick Andros, Tom Cullen, and Larry Underwood, join with others to form a new community based around Mother Abagail's teachings. Meanwhile, Randall Flagg has set up his own society in Las Vegas, dedicated to violence and excess.

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