False Reality and Schizophrenia

Host: Ian Punnett
Guests: Will Elliott

In the first half of the program, Ian Punnett spoke with Australian author Will Elliott, who believes he was wrongly (perhaps even purposely) diagnosed with schizophrenia after becoming aware of the false Matrix-like reality around him. Elliott recalled first noticing an anomaly in his reality as a child, when he saw the eyes of a primary school teacher momentarily morph into slotted eyes. Later, Elliot said he began receiving mind control messages directed to him through the television, following his discovery of a subliminal soft drink ad campaign at a local store.

Anyone who tries to break free of the system is dealt with, he continued. According to Elliott, he was targeted for group stalking by a government agency working with malicious off-world entities (reptilian shape-shifters). Elliott acknowledged that his story is problematic for those still deluded by the Matrix reality, including many psychiatrists, who conclude such awakened people are mentally ill and in need of medication. "Psychiatry has been established as a gate keeping force to keep people in the Matrix reality, where we are regarded as a human resource by those who run this Matrix and run this world," he explained. Elliott admitted he may face reprisals for sharing this information

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