Paranormal Encounters and Open Lines

Host: George Noory
Guests: Heidi Hollis, Open Lines

In the first half of the show, George Noory welcomed paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis for a discussion on Shadow People and "Hat Man" encounters. Hollis revealed that she was personally haunted by Shadow People for several years. The veil between our worlds has been thinning, she explained, pointing out that many people are now experiencing encounters with shadow creatures. Hollis made a distinction between these shadow beings and an entity she calls the "Hat Man," noting that he wears a trench coat and flat-brimmed hat, and seems to have authority over Shadow People. Although the "Hat Man" may appear differently to various witnesses, Hollis suggested he is a singular being capable of appearing in multiple places at the same time. He is a menacing presence, an evil incarnate, whose message seems to be, "Fear me, I own you," she added.

Hollis spoke about her visit to Hell and the reality of Jesus. She admitted being skeptical of other people's so-called encounters with Jesus, until she had a four life-changing meetings with him herself, and was healed of an incurable disease. "Jesus is no joke... he really is watching and he really is anxious to return," she announced. Hollis described her dream journey to Hell, where she recalled trudging through thick smelly mud within the body of a resident there. She described exploring a labyrinth of dark corridors that were lined with numerous iron cages crowded with tormented people, all overseen by creatures called Keepers. Hollis remembered telling some of the hopeless inhabitants that they would have a second chance to get out of Hell. She also encouraged listeners to join her Paranormal Pledge Facebook group.


During Open Lines, Jason in Greensburg, Kentucky, shared a terrifying encounter he had when he was only three years old with an old woman in a black hooded cloak. According to Jason, the old hag appeared to be a cross between the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, a skeleton, and the Joker from Batman. "I was disturbed for years after this," he admitted. Paul from Royston, Georgia, claimed to have seen a mysterious dark figure with red eyes in a trailer park filled with drug addicts. Paul revealed that the shadowy creature told him, "You think you can help these people, but they belong to me." George in Van Nuys, California, recalled when he was five years old and first heard a spirit speak to him. I felt very warm that day, he explained, as though something were holding me tightly.

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