Forbidden Archaeology and Science

Host: George Noory
Guests: Michael Cremo, Catherine Austin Fitts

Dissident researcher Michael Cremo provided an update on his continuing work investigating forbidden archaeology and human origins. "A lot of scientists look at science as a game that's played by certain rules," he said, noting that such parameters exclude paranormal ideas which challenge mainstream orthodoxy. As such, Cremo called for the scientific community to admit this inherent bias or "deal with everything that's possibly true about the world that we live in." With regards to his specific research into "extreme human antiquity," he surmised that the resistance by the scientific community to his work is driven by power, money, and self-preservation.

Cremo detailed his recent trip to India which included visiting the "Iron Pillar of Delhi." This object, which has stood for about 3,000 years, is particularly perplexing because it has not corroded over time. Given that it should have been reduced to a pile of rust by now, Cremo surmised that the pillar is strong evidence that "people before modern times did have some pretty advanced technological knowledge." He also talked about visiting a huge mountain in southern India that was composed of one solid rock. "It's like somebody just dropped a huge boulder," he marveled. According to Cremo, the sides of the mountain contain "cave temples" honoring ancient deities and the local priests told him that it dates back far into antiquity.

He also shared a story, from Kenya, of footprints that were identical to those of humans and found in layers of rock approximately 1.5 million years old. According to mainstream science, these footprints could not possibly be made by homo sapiens, so scientists attributed the footprints to an "ape man" that would have existed at the time. However, Cremo explained, fossil evidence shows that human beings are the only species with that specific kind of foot. "For those who accept the dominant theory today, it is mind boggling, because it puts human beings like us ten times older than most scientists now think possible," he mused. If these footprints were merely one anomalous find, then it could be dismissed, Cremo said, but "there are hundreds of cases like this that I have documented in my work."

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