Criminal Profiling

Host: George Noory
Guests: Pat Brown

In the first half of the show, criminal profiler Pat Brown discussed profiling techniques, and a variety of serial killer and murder cases. She first got interested in profiling when a man she was renting a room to turned out to be a murder suspect. More profilers are needed to look at cases, especially when they are fresh, she noted. A serial killer is defined as someone who kills at least three times with some down time in between murders, she explained, adding that there are more serial killers than one would imagine-- probably 4 or 5 in any major city.

Such killers tend to have a disdainful attitude toward society, and are motivated to kill because of the enjoyment they get from the power and control, she detailed. In the case of Jeffrey Dahmer's cannibalism, his control went on even after his victims were dead, Brown suggested. Not all serial killers are men-- occasionally mothers kill their children, such as with the case of Marybeth Tinning, who successively murdered all nine of her children because she liked the attention she got surrounding their deaths. Brown cautioned especially needy single people to not be too gullible or get involved too quickly when an attractive new person suddenly comes into their life. It can turn out to be a 'Black Widow'-type situation, in which the person is after their money, or in the case of a molester, after their children.

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