New Era

New Era:

The following is a compilation of my personal experiences relating to the New Era.
December 21, 2012 marked the beginning of much more than a New Era; what now lays before us is unprecedented transformation of all in physical form. From my perspective, a multi-dimensional door was opened so that all in physical form might move to higher dimensions, so that all might be transformed into great beings of light. I have peeked through that door and am now holding it open for you.
The following message demonstrates a dramatic shift from where I had been functioning. This shift in who I am has occurred very recently, as the result of integrating energies never before available to physical beings. Its results have been both startling and welcome. I hope that where I now am will inspire you to join me to walk together into the New Era.
I now:
  • “Feel” the new me, know who I truly am, and am the happiest I have ever been.
  • “Know” that my light body has been fully activated. My crystalline light body has been initiated as Cosmic Crystalline Light fills me, and as I focus on allowing this to take place. My body will be quite different from what I now experience.
  • Am well on my way to fully balancing my physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies, also balancing my feminine and masculine.
  • Am one with the All That Is, with the Creator, and with the Godhead, as well as with Archangels and Ascended Masters.
  • Walk as a multi-dimensional fully Christed being
  • Hold the door open to welcome everyone to the higher dimensions. (See the events of 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 as keys to the transformation of all in physical form.)
  • Know that Jeshua has restored the Christed Matrix within Earth, as well as within each human of Earth.
  • View the drama of politics, monetary systems, religions, and the media as theatre for my entertainment. Know that the underpinnings of the 3rd Dimension matrix are gone, and that its remnants will completely pass away in the coming months.
  • Understand that my star brothers and sisters are here to foster the New Era and to view the transformation of the humans of Earth as pivotal to their own transformation.
  • See the Cosmic Paradigm and Abiquor in amazing, and greatly expanded new ways.
  • View the coming havoc and upheaval as opportunities to reinforce who I really am, and as opportunities to assist others into the New Era.
  • See that Earth is being restored to her former self as a crystallized planet of light, and understand that this is the key to the Grand Transformation of all in physical form in the cosmos.
  • See that all humans who remain on Earth will be of crystalline form.
At one time or another in my past I:
  • Allowed my rational mind to dominate my thoughts, beliefs and actions. My emotions ran wild.
  • Allowed aspects of the fear-based 3rd Dimension to dominate my life.
  • Did not know who I really was, thus I constantly searched for meaning.
  • Was very insecure and unhappy, but stayed committed to the only life I knew.
  • Believed that I would experience successive rounds of reincarnation.
  • Saw the vast physical universe as spreading out from Creator due to the big bang.
  • Believed that extraterrestrials, good and bad, were science fiction.
  • Was a successful venture capitalist, allowing my business career to rule my life.
  • Believed in God. Was caught up in various Christian and other religious cults; saw Earth as an isolated sphere.
  • Saw earth shifts and chaos happening to Earth and humanity as a means of awakening all; insulated myself from these events by stockpiling stuff.
  • Saw duality as extending to all in the cosmos, and did not see that Earth in its 3rd Dimension rigidness was a special case within the physical form of the cosmos.
How I managed to move from where I was to where I now am may serve to motivate and assist those of you struggling to move into the higher dimensions. (If a business “suit” can do it, so can you, besides it will be much easier for you after 12/21/12 than it was for me when I did it.)
I trust that the recent words of Taugth, presented at Athabantian, helped you to understand how important and powerful each of you are. You are the key to transforming physical form on this planet, as well as throughout the cosmos. You are honored and appreciated for volunteering to be here at this time of the Grand Transformation, of initiating the New Era.
I offer the following details of my own personal transformation from an insecure individual steeped in the conventional paradigm to one today who knows who he is and has embraced higher dimensions. My path has been long and rather tortuous — unnecessarily so, if I had only been more open to the many proddings offered along the way.
Growing Up: As I recall, I had a wonderful childhood filled with friends and play – my father taught me much, my grandparents were very significant. About age ten or twelve something changed and I sunk into years of loneliness and depression. (Fortunately, in those times doctors did not proscribe anti-depressants.) In high school, I was a terribly shy, sensitive boy, angry at many things, and caught in the web of the Catholic Church and a conservative family. It was my senior year (in an all boys Jesuit high school) before I discovered girls and alcohol.
1963: I completed college with degrees in engineering and business; then accepted a job as a sales engineer with a major corporation. One man, Jack Savidge, saw something in a naive young man and, after my MBA degree, accelerated my career to a position as a market research analyst at corporate headquarters.
1967: My first expansion to what was beyond life in corporate America came with John Boyle at the Institute for Executive Research. John was empowering executives and salesmen to maximize their potential. He taught “affirmations” and the super conscious and how they could make magical things happen
1970: Excited about my newly found powers, I left the large corporation to develop the magnetic stripe credit card. On a personal level this did not work out so I went to work for John Boyle. However I quickly discovered that I could not sell a concept that I had not integrated within me – a most valuable lesson.
1975: I fled back to a second major corporation as a new business development manager. I attended this corporation’s Executive Institute, and discovered that I matched up with their brightest executive material from around the world. I eagerly absorbed bits of knowledge proscribed by the corporation that deepened my commitment to the existing paradigm.
1978: Discouraged with corporate structures I set out on my own. As the president of my own venture capital company, I invested in over 50 new enterprises. I made enough money to sustain me in the work I now do.
Along the way I found Creative Initiative and discovered ways of seeing beyond religion and the conventional. I used this to further my business career. I also stopped drinking for two years, but my career soon ended my first marriage. That marriage produced two wonderful sons.
1987: With nothing to grasp but the elusive stuff of the 3rd Dimension I sank into a robotic state of depression. Lying on my bed one afternoon, I felt high tension energies enter my body through the top of my shoulders; they were so strong I was lifted off the bed. Needless to say it was a startling experience. After I received a copy of the Urantia Book, I discovered the reality of the complex and vast structure of creation, and the presence of sentient beings on other planets.
Months later, three non-materialized beings entered my room as I was just going off to sleep. Afraid, I demanded they leave. (It was only after a regression session, several years later, that I discovered they were the team sent to awaken me to my pre-birth agreement.) They gave me a concept,” institute.” (Which persisted through intervening years of personal turmoil.)
My business partners recognized the change in me and I was faced with a mutiny. Reluctantly I left the world of venture capital. For the next few years I tried my hand at various business ventures, but my heart was never completely in the conventional paradigm. I studied the Urantia Book but was never able to get completely comfortable with its lack of heart.
1996: I met Heidi; she has had a profound affect on my life ever since. I am most grateful for her support and love. Leaving behind all my business opportunities and boards of director positions, I enrolled in a program for a Masters Degree in Psychology. Fortunately it was self-directed, enabling me to discover more of who I was and to set a new direction for my life.
1997: In the fall of that year, my first book, “Trillion,” rolled out of my computer as I was preparing an academic paper. Ninety days later I had the basics of a book that detailed the story of off-planet beings walking among us. (Only years later did I realize the “assistance” I had been given in my writing.) I took several classes in writing – never having had any ambition to write a book – and endured several editors who caused me to rewrite much of the book over and over.
2000: I journeyed to Roswell with my wife, Heidi. I convinced myself that something had indeed happened near Roswell. Thus began a new chapter into discovering UFOs and the reality of an extraterrestrial presence nearby and on this planet.
2001: After my first outing with CSETI I was a changed man. I had never before seen a UFO. During that week in the field with Dr. Steven Greer, I saw: A group of square lights hanging in the sky. An ET craft corkscrew out of the atmosphere. An ET craft approach the group of 40 of us and then withdraw. An eagle circle the group of us at chair height. Three ET craft appear, then two military planes head for them. A glowing stick figure appear on the ground near me. Several partially materialized ET craft settle near us. An ET craft, lights blazing, fully materialize out of the side of a mountain, 100 yards away.
Upon returning home to “Trillion,” I made only one major change to the book: ET craft can travel faster than the speed of light. “Trillion” was published within a short time. At my initial book presentation, I was so shy that I was unable to utter the word “extraterrestrial” or similar references to the beings in my book.
2002: On the book signing, workshop, radio shows, and lecture circuit, I became comfortable speaking about my star brothers and sisters. I met people who were kind enough to show me that I too could communicate with non-physical beings, and had been doing so for some time.
2005: I took a detour to pursue an unconventional path aimed at survival and alternative investments; Heidi and I lost our life savings in a matter of a few weeks. I learned to focus on what was important: Telling others what I was learning about the bigger picture.
2008: As my third book of the Paradigm Trilogy, “One,” was nearing completion, Justine, Moraine, and Bren-Ton, the beings with whom I had been communicating, proposed that I post their messages on the Cosmic Paradigm web site. My initial response was, “Do you think I’m crazy? No way.”
Mark’s Corner was so named because I was shy about posting anything from an off-planet source and attempted to hide it in a “corner” of my web site. In a short time the messages from Bren-Ton, Moraine, Justine, Adrial, and others became quite popular and were translated into a number of other languages. I still post to Mark’s Corner as I am doing at this time, but it is now limited to my observations, not my communications with non-humans.
Mastering Alchemy: I was directed by the Andromedans and celestials with whom I was communicating to become a part of this training.
2011: Athabantian: Because my rational mind became a hindrance to the channelings at Mark’s Corner, I was directed to establish a second site that would contain only the words from those aboard the starship and related celestials. The messages at this site continue today, and are re-posted around the world.
Heidi and I are in our second year of the Mastering Alchemy training. I do not regret the urging of my non-human friends, and have discovered it to be one of the most important undertakings of my life. I have discovered why I volunteered to come to this planet at this time. The trainings provided and the contacts with Archangels are unique.
2012: Abiquor: I really look forward to communications from those aboard the starship Athabantian. The fulfillment of my awakening message from 1987 has now materialized with the founding of he Institute of Light in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and the initiation of the Abiquor project. I do not as yet know the full mission of Abiquor, only that it will be an important energy focal point for the New Era, and that it will involve beings from many arenas.
12-12-12: It was my great privilege to be present as the underpinnings of the 3rd Dimension were removed. The glue that had held this fear-based matrix together is no more. (As a result of the fall of consciousness, the Archangels and other energy controllers put the 3rd Dimension in place on Earth and in other locations.)
The removal of the underpinnings of the 3rd Dimension will make it much easier for those choosing to move to higher dimensions to do so. Without an underlying framework it is now much more difficult for those who choose to cling to the remnants of the 3rd Dimension.
12-21-12 The beginning of a New Era: It was an equally great privilege to partake in opening the door to the 5th and higher dimensions. This action will make it even easier for those choosing to move to higher dimensions to do so. The Christed Matrix has been fully activated for Earth and for all humans of Earth. Cosmic Crystalline Light is now flowing into all on Earth and to all other planets of physical form.
12-31-12: I have learned who I really am – a great being of light – and see my role as helping all to move into higher dimensions. I have experienced the integration of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, and am able to walk within the 5th Dimension.
I am looking forward to when I can meet my off-planet brothers and sisters, and can traverse the universe in search of adventure and knowing. I am also looking forward to integrating all that I have learned from my space brothers and sisters with what I now “feel.” Most importantly I anticipate with profound joy the prospect of being part of transforming Earth to the majestic sphere for which she was created, and watching as my fellow humans transform themselves into beings of the 5th Dimension. As I write these words, I am very relaxed about what may be coming over the next months.
I hope my words help those of you who encounter wondrous events and uplifting feelings to experience your unlimited future in the New Era.
In Truth, Love and Joy,
Mark Kimmel
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