In The Year 2012 - Glen Kimball ((Classic))

Host: Ian Punnett
Guests: Glenn Kimball

Expert in ancient manuscripts, Glenn Kimball, discussed what the Mayans and other ancients recorded on their calendars about the year 2012, and the grand implications of what could be in store for humanity. Kimball began by describing a visit he received from a mysterious messenger, who claimed to represent the six remaining Mayan tribes. He said the visitor showed him photographs of an ancient 800-page document engraved on metal sheets, as well as pictures of the underground dwelling of the six Mayan tribes (located somewhere in the Yucatan Peninsula).

Kimball said the Mayans "knew more about the cosmos than we do" and based their calendar on the 25,640-year precessionary cycle of the solar system, dividing it into 12 quadrants. The Mayan calendar ends just as this precessionary cycle finishes, Kimball noted, in the year 2012. By then, and because of the Earth's wobble and alignment with the Sun and the center of the galaxy, there will be a tendency for our planet to shift its polarity, he explained. According to Kimball, the shift will cause ocean currents to reverse, leading to massive flooding, volcanic eruptions and devastating global climate change. He does not, however, believe this will be the end of the world.

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