Impossible Physics - Dr. Michio Kaku ((Classic))

Host: Art Bell
Guests: Michio Kaku

Filling in for George, Art Bell welcomed Prof. Michio Kaku, who discussed topics from his newest book, Physics of the Impossible.

According to Kaku, the basic physics of invisibility has been demonstrated sufficiently; it's merely an engineering problem now, he said. Laboratories around the world have shown that microwaves can be wrapped around an object to render it invisible. Within a decade or so, the ability to make an object "totally vanish in one color" will be possible, Kaku noted. Sometime after that, a cylinder made from 'metamaterials' may allow soldiers to become invisible, he said.

Kaku spoke about teleportation, pointing out that researchers have already teleported a photon from one Canary Island to another over a distance of 100 miles. In the next decade, he theorized, water molecules will be teleported and then complex molecules like DNA.

Kaku shared the latest info on a kind of telepathy. He said MRI brain scans have shown with a 98% accuracy rate when a college student is lying. He speculated that using brain scans to read a person's mind is not too far away. Kaku also discussed precognition, and Art shared his own precognitive experience regarding a car accident.

Kaku also covered global climate change, alternative energy, psychokinesis, perpetual motion machines, SETI, and the potential effects of WR 104, a binary star located 8,000 light years away. Experts fear that when the star explodes it could send a beam of destructive gamma-ray radiation towards Earth. Kaku said the star may have already exploded.

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