When Death Come Visit

When Death Come Visit:
So this morning I’m outside with the dog when I’m noticing a large flock of crows all gathered within and close to our two largest trees on the property. And both these trees – survivors of the last two ice storms – are two towering trees.
Now the only time the birds “crows” “ravens” around here exhibit such behavior is when either a: They’re waiting for us to put food scraps out for them or b: Death is in the neighborhood and decides to grace me with its presence.
Now death – much like God is huge on multitasking by being everywhere at once. Trust me on that one. And because of my “haunting” gifts are my visuals of death periodic and somewhat frequent during the course of any year.
This relationship began years ago when death took an interest in me. Actually kept me from dying on numerous occasions through the years. And in its own unique way taught me many things by opening itself up to me as only death can.
Other things in my favor have been my empathy and compassion for things of spirit where I have championed on their behalf by objecting to their exploitation through paid haunted settings and scenarios so others could make a profit. Rolling Hills and many other settings come to mind where both spirits are disturbed while the risk of frail and vulnerable people exposed to such chaotic ghosts could very well be harmed or worse-bring home such energy to an unsuspecting family.
So death has noticed my efforts.
Now back to the birds in the trees – upon sighting this and feeling something was up had I then chosen in capturing a number of photos which indeed does seem to reveal the fact that death had chosen to stop by in making its presence known.
Death has long been a part of my knowing and interaction with the spirit realm. Besides also keeping me informed on some of its activities. Giving me prior notice on what and sometimes where it will be needed.
Perhaps morbid sounding-but this is how my life has always been.