Darker Shade Of Boo

Darker Shade Of Boo:
As the Ghost Master-I have maintained a strict vigilance of all things “boo” since my first having begun my exploration officially with the public since 1980 and of course throughout my entire existence since first my encounter as a child when my very first ghost had entered my room while my parent were renting an apartment upstairs which the landlord back then had failed to inform them that it was haunted.
The ghost never harmed me. It was a resident ghost-the original owner’s husband who had died which eventually necessitated that the surviving wife restructure what had once been a huge three story house including attic into one which then housed three independent apartments. Mainly the ghost would enter my room making a hornets buzzing sound before stopping next to my bed and remaining there silently where by then – scared out of my wits – had I thrown the bed covers over my head by which within time I would fall asleep till next morning where the cycle would repeat itself several times per week.
Eventually as I grew more experienced with other variations of paranormal phenomena did the phenomena also become well acquainted with myself to such an extent that now my experiences with them range full time regardless wherever I may be.
As prior stated there are many different variations of anomalous phenomena – some of which are friendly in their interactions with the living – and others which are proven more exclusive and best left alone by couch potatoes seeking a weekend thrill because messing with these may get you into the type of trouble that can not be easily fixed.
The shadow creatures in this photo would be a John Zaffis Ghost Collector dream come true. Thinking about it – would not Zaffis and SyFy not profit from having any sort of real evidence which was captured on film medium other than always relying on just their say so? Indeed it would be! But the Ghost Master in being a specialist would never come cheap.
So here we have balloons in both red and black. Somewhat gothic feeling if you ask me. And because of the anomalous forms which it has attracted I can only assume the event of which these balloons originated had not been your usual friendly outdoor event.
But having chanced upon this setting – or was I perhaps drawn? – are there forms along with these balloons which many might consider the stuff of nightmares. And indeed you would not want them in your home or anywhere else for that matter. But for the Ghost Master they represent just one more aspect of my reality which makes up what might be best described as an extended family.

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